Francis Fields Soccer Facility

Fields for Everyone 

About Us

About US

Francis Fields began as a dream of Frank  Miller to promote soccer sportsmanship and player development.  This unique facility is available for you to pursue your teams's soccer dreams. 

Located in the San Pedro River Valley on DMR Ranch, the Francis Fields Soccer Facility has 2 full sizes grass fields dedicated to soccer.  In addition we have two housing facilities for team/camp/tournament usage, private accommodations for coaches, training/dining hall, camping area, barbecue and campfire pits, sand court for games, horse pits and fishing on property.

Fields and Equipment

Two grass-coverd FIFA regulation-size pitches, Five 8' x 24' goals, one protable kick-back goal, two 6' x 12' portable net,  two pug training nets, training cornes and more.  Prior to all camps fields are lined, corner flagged and ready for play.


 Our facilities are available year around with exception of the soccer fields during over-seeding in fall (end of September and October).  Please call or contact us to discuss available dates and rates.

Training Camps

Rates are based on number of players/participants.  The base rate begins at $35.00 per player/participant per day*. Two coaches/chaperones are include in the per player fee.

*(based on 2 day stay with a minimum of 14 players for 2 days).

Off season / mid-season training rates our discounted.

Planning a longer training time (additional days) please contact use as we offer special rates for extend time. 

Tournament Play / Field Rental

Francis Fields Soccer Facilities are a great location.  We are happy to work with you on playing the event and developing a pricing that meets you day rental or tournament needs. 

For fees please contact:
Glennon Miller at (602) 391-4360 or email /
Leo Miller at (602) 571-0786 or


Francis Fields Soccer Facility

201 East Miller Cir, Saint David, Arizona 85630

Glennon Miller (602) 391.4360 or Leo Miller (602) 571.0786


Located along side the San Padreo

► Take I-10 (East) to Benson

► Exit at the Benson Exit 303, which is 4th Street

► Drive through town (slooooowly) about two miles to Highway 80 South, which is a “Y” in the road (stay right heading to St David and Tombstone) – If you go under the railroad tracks/roadway exchange you went to far (and the wrong way)

► Continue on Highway 80 South south just past Mile Post 298, you will come to Apache Powder Road – Go right (only direction you can turn) on Apache Powder Road and follow the road for 5 miles. 3-miles on asphalt (south and west). After the 3rd mile – you will see the Apache Powder Plant. The road will swing south (to the left) and become a gravel road. Follow the gravel for (one mile) where it will turn left onto Escalante Road. Take Escalante Road over the small hump in the road (old railroad tracks which are only one-half mile from the bend in the road. After crossing the tracks, go about another one-half mile to the gate that says DMR Ranch (Located on the left side of the road).

►You will see a soccer ball sign in front of you indicating for you to go left.  

► Once in the gate drive down the road and follow the signs  
around the mountain past the lake to the soccer fields and housing facilities (this is a short distance about a ¾ of a mile from the gate).


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Q: Do we send payment in advance?  

   A: Your deposit must be received   upon request of dates. This will guarantee that you have the dates. The balance is due on arrival / check-in. We don't have the ability to accept credit cards yet.  Checks should be made payable to “Francis Fields Soccer.”  Our mailing address is:

Francis Fields Soccer, LLC

428   E. Thunderbird Rd. #236

Phoenix,  AZ 85022

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

  A. At this time we don’t have the ability to accept credit cards.

Q: Do we need to mail the release / medical consents in advance?  

  A: We need a signed and notarized release / medical consent for each player. The forms are available on our website,  You can send them in advance or provide them upon arrival / check-in.

Q: Do we need nets, corner flags, etc?  

  A: Both fields will be lined and have nets and corner flags. However, if you have specialty items (pug goals, strength training, speed dill, etc) we will need to bring them along

Q: Can we invite another team to come to the facility for a friendly match?

  A: We will allow one team to come for one friendly match during the a two day stay, although the host team must allow the visiting team to use the restroom facilities, and the host team will be responsible for the conduct of the visiting team. The visiting team must also provide a release / medical consent form for each player upon arrival. 

Q: Do you have list of pots, pans, utensils, etc.?  

  A: We don’t have a detailed list, but we provide pots, pans, bowls, serving utensils, kitchen towels, dishrags and paper towels.   You should bring paper or plastic plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons, however. 

Q: Is the water drinkable?

  A: Yes!   Refreshing  and  delicious .

Q: Do you have a barbecue grill?  

  A:  Yes. We have a gas grill and a large charcoal grill. We also supply one bag of charcoal.  

Q: How far away is the nearest grocery store? 

  A: There is a Safeway and a Wal-Mart Superstore in Benson, which is about a 12 -14 minute drive.

Q: How far away is the nearest hospital?

  A: There is a hospital in Benson, which is about a 15 minute drive.

Q:  Do we need to bring bedding and towels?  

  A: Yes, each person should bring his or her own sleeping bag, pillow and towel.   

Q: Do we bring our own toilet paper and cleaning supplies, etc?

  A: We provide toilet paper,  and cleaning supplies, but not shampoo or other toiletry items.


Q: Do you have T.V. and VCR/DVD hook up?  

  A: Yes / Satlite TV  as well as computer cables to monitor hook-up in the training pavilion . 

Q:  Can we have a campfire?

  A: Campfires are permitted only in designated fire rings provided and only with supervision.  Fires must be fully extinguished when no adult is attending.